Wedding Dress & Garment Pressing


Our bridal staff along with owners, Elly and daughter Terri, are experts in fabrics. With over 25 years experience and fashion design college backgrounds, they know how to properly treat and care for your wedding dress and wedding garments. This service is done in-house with our latest and advanced state of the art ironing and steaming systems, so you can rest well knowing that it’s done professionally. After your wedding dress is pressed, it’s carefully put it onto a bust form to maintain its shape as if a bride were actually wearing it. Then, covered with a long pink non-transparent garment bag with wide 20in gussets (if necessary) and its train draped, ready to wear on your wedding day. We also press men’s suits, bridesmaid dresses, mother-of-the-bride dresses, and all other garments.

Dropping off your wedding dress


  • You may drop off your wedding dress as early as 1 week before your wedding day (pressing quote given at the time of drop off)
  • Please allow us at least 24 hours to complete the service
  • We suggest scheduling your pick up 1 day before or the morning of your wedding day
  • Arrange your pick up with the proper vehicle (preferably an SUV) with little or no passengers or hire us for delivery
  • You will need to take your dress directly to your wedding venue or where you will be getting dressed

**In a Rush? Same Day Service is available, however, we don’t recommend it. You may drop off your wedding dress by 11am and pick it up before the end of the same day. Same day rush fees range from $20 -$100 This is on a case-to-case basis.


Ship your wedding dress to us

This is a very convenient service that most of our bride’s prefer. Avoid the hassle of carrying your dress all the way to Maui and the airline forcing you to stuff it in the overhead compartment. You may send your wedding dress to us as early as 1 month before your wedding date. We recommend using UPS or FEDEX, air or ground, but be sure to have a confirmed delivery date of exactly when it will arrive to Elly’s FW. Do not ship your dress with a courier if they do not give you a definite delivery date.


**Please follow these instructions below before shipping your dress and we will contact you immediately once we receive your box and confirm its contents along with the pressing charges for each item.


Call or email us to let us know you will be shipping your dress for pressing.

On a note of paper, please write the following information and include it in the box:

  • Wedding Couple’s name and/or shipper’s name
  • Wedding date
  • Hotel or accommodations that you will be staying at on Maui
  • All contact phone numbers (cell phone preferred)
  • Desired date of pick up
  • All contents of the box (wedding dress, veil, shoes, ring pillow, etc.)
  • Specify whether you want your box saved and stored (to ship back home) or discarded
  • Place your dress in a zippered garment bag and fold it neatly in the box (you may also wrap it with brown paper or a white sheet for extra protection)
  • Use a sturdy box that will fit your dress snugly, do not put mailing popcorns or plastic bubbles inside the box

There is a $30 handling and convenience fee for this service.

Wedding dress pressing charges range from $45-$350 Charges vary depending on fabric, fullness, length of train, and design of your dress.

Other garment pressing charges start at $12 per item.