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How To Measure

If you would like to provide your own measurements, we’ve included some helpful measuring tips below.  You can submit your measurements online using our Online Measurements Submission page, or Download our Printable Measurement Form to mail or fax to us instead.


Measuring Tips

measuring-01-neckShirt Neck
Place tape around neck at the level the collar would be buttoned. Place one finger between the neck and make sure the tape is snug but moves freely.

measuring-02-chestChest Measurement
Ask customer to move arms outward. Place tape under arms and around the broadest part of his chest. Ask customer to lower arms to his side and relax. Make sure tape is snug, but can move freely with one finger between body and tape.

measuring-03-over-armOverarm Measurement
With customer’s arms at his side, place tape around the broadest part of his chest and shoulders. This measurement is critical for a proper coat fit if the customer has overly broad shoulders.

Waist Measurementwaist measurement
Wrap the tape measure around the waist at the level the customer plans to wear his trousers. Formal trousers are designed to be worn at the level of the naval, but most men wear them where they are comfortable and where they would normally wear thier dress slacks. Most of the trousers we offer have adjustable waistbands, so just select the size that encompasses customer’s waist size.


measuring-06-outseamOutseam Measurement
Ask customer to look straight ahead during this measurement. Place start of tape measure at the side of the leg at the level of where customer would wear his formal trousers. Stretch tape down side of leg until you reach top of heel of his dress shoe. This is your correct outseam measurement.

Shirt Sleeve

Have customer look straight ahead and keep his arms at his side. Place start of tape at base of neck, at center of his spine. Move tape over top of shoulder and down arm, just below wrist bone. Round measurement to closest inch mark.

Tuxedo and Shirt Types

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