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Submit Measurements

For your convenience we have provided a printable measurement form. After downloading this PDF form, please fill it out and fax or mail it back to us.  Otherwise, you may submit your measurements online below.


Or, Submit your Measurements Online Below

Please fill in and submit the form below to get your tuxedo measurements to us!  For your event, we’ll need one submission for each member of your party — and be sure to include the groom’s name so that we can find your order more easily!

Tuxedo Measurements

Submit Tuxedo Measurements
  • Bride or Groom's last name
  • Found on your order confirmation email
  • Coat

  • Pants

  • Shirt

  • Shoes

  • General

  • Accessories

  • Please specify your vest style. Click Here for all available styles/colors.
  • If you'd like to rent a pocket square, please specify color.

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