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Rental FAQ

Here are some questions we frequently get about our tuxedo and suit rentals.  If you don’t find what you’re looking for, contact us!

Q.  How far in advance can I order my tuxedo?

A.  We recommend ordering your tuxedo as early as 6 months and no later than 3 weeks before your wedding date.

Q.   What if I need a tuxedo last minute?

A. No problem, we take walk-ins, and you are still welcome to place your last minute order online, no extra charge. Although, we encourage that you to place your order ahead of time.

Q.  I don’t know my measurements? How and where can I get it?

A. Two ways to get your measurements:
1. Go to the nearest tuxedo shop in your city and ask for an ‘out of state measurement’ you can use their form or download our ‘Printable Measurement Form” some tuxedo shops will charge a fee for this service, it should be no more than $5.00
2. You can have someone take your measurements at home, follow these instructions, here’s the link: Tuxedo Measurements and Descriptions

Q.  When do I pay for my rental?

A.  You pay for your rental when you place your order. Your credit card will be charged the full rental amount when you place your order.

Q. When can I try on my tuxedo?

A.   For out of state customers, you can try on your tuxedo as early as 3 days before your wedding, for local residence – you may try on your tuxedo any day. We suggest that you make an appointment for all tuxedo fittings especially if you have a big group in your wedding party.

Q.  What if my tuxedo does not fit when I get there?

A.  Don’t worry, we have a full time in-house seamstress that can do the last minute alterations.

Q.  When can I pick up my tuxedo?

A.  You can pick up your tuxedo as early as 2 days before your event. When you come in for your final fitting and there is no last minute alteration, you may pick up your tuxedo at that time, there is no charge for early pick up. If there is last minute alteration, you will pick up the next day.

Q.  When do I return my tuxedo?

A. Tuxedo return is the next business day after use. If your wear date is Saturday, your   return date is Sunday before 3pm or Monday before 5 pm. If your wear date is Tuesday, your return date is Wednesday before 5 pm.  Remember to return it on time to avoid paying a late fee. There is a $30 per day per tux late return fee.

Q.  Do you deliver tuxedos to the hotel or where I will be staying?

A.   Yes, we deliver to most locations in Maui. The delivery fee is based on how far you are from our shop, starting at $50 to $100, bell man’s delivery gratuity is included in this price.

Q.  What is your cancellation Policy?

A.    Cancellation policy is 2 weeks before the event date. If you cancel more than 2 weeks before your event date and you had your fittings done, we will refund your payments less $50.00 ($25 cancellation and $25 fitting fee), if you had not done your fittings, your cancellation fee will just be $25. Cancellation made within 14 days of the event date will result in forfeiture of your payments.

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