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2017 Wedding Tuxedo Trends

Written On: August 2, 2017


Kala mai (I’m sorry), it’s been a while since our last blog post, but we’re back in action and ready to roll! Are you super busy trying to plan your wedding details on your lunch break? In the conference room while waiting for your next meeting? Or late in bed trying to stay awake while repinning on your Pinterest board? Not to worry! Our Elly’s Formal Wear blog is here to help make your life easier! We’ll do the research for you, repin those pinterest posts, and give you the 4-1-1 on what’s hot and what’s not. We’ll be updating our blog every Wednesday with trend reports, creative wedding ideas, recommended vendors, and interesting articles we may find useful to you. So log onto our blog every Wednesday to see fresh new articles that will simply make your wedding planning stress-free and fun!

Just like wedding dresses, wedding tuxedos and suits go through trends, too! In an evolving and ever changing industry, sometimes it’s hard to keep up with what’s in-style and what’s not. Grooms now-a-days want to be more involved in the wedding planning and adamant of what they want to wear on their wedding day. Today I’m going to clarify the difference between a tuxedo and a suit. I’m also going to show you the fit options that are out there and the colors that are trending for 2017.

The images that you see here are from our sister site, www.mytuxedocatalog.com It’s our entire online tuxedo/suit catalog. Every style you see there is available for rent through us Elly’s Formal Wear, Maui.

What’s the difference between a suit and a tuxedo?
This question is so commonly asked. There are physical differences, non-tangible differences, and exceptions to the rule.

TuxSuitComp2The physical difference between a suit and a tuxedo is the appearance of satin. Traditionally, tuxedos have a satin lapel and a satin stripe down the side of the trousers. They also have satin buttons and satin trimmed pockets.  Suits do not incorporate any satin and have lapels that are made of the same fabric as the coat. They will usually have plastic buttons or buttons that are made of the same fabric as the coat. Modern tuxedo styles have minimized the use of satin, where they’ll use a satin piping on the edge of the lapel or on the trousers instead of a wide strip. This is still considered a “tuxedo” because of the satin appearance. Other things like, accessories can also distinguish a suit vs. a tuxedo. As history goes, a tuxedo is worn with a bow tie and cummerbund instead of a long tie and shiny patent leather shoes. If you have a “black tie” affair, a bow tie and cummerbund would be the ideal look for your event. In modern style for proms and weddings, people choose to wear a high stance vest and a long tie with a tuxedo. Traditionally, the long tie and vest is worn only with a suit.

A traditional formal option that doesn’t incorporate any satin is the “white dinner jacket” look. This look is traditionally worn with a white coat, wing tip collar, black bow tie and cummerbund, black pants, and black patent leather shoes. This coat should have 1 button front, self flap pockets, and a shawl collar. This is a tuxedo but one that does not incorporate any satin.

Any gentleman-including big & tall-can wear one of these tuxedo fits. We have a fit for every man. The main difference between the fits are the tuxedo or suits’ silhouette. The type of fit is always mentioned in the style name or description. We’ll cover body type fit suggestions at another time, but you can always consult one of our formal wear specialists at Elly’s Formal Wear on which style we recommend that works best for your body type.


Here, you will find tuxedos that are strikingly in style right now. These styles are ideal for any formal occasion. Blue (all shades) is most certainly the color of choice for 2017. Today’s groom wants to be fashionable and comfortable. The following styles include luxuriously lightweight and soft wool, modern and slim fits, and gorgeous color shades. You can view all of these styles in our tuxedo/suit section of our website and also on our sister site, MyTuxedoCatalog, mentioned at the top of this article.

Here, you will find suits that are trending choices for the groom who wants to look slick and stylish. Grey and tan–in an array of shades–have always been one of our groom’s favorites for 2017. The following styles are contemporary choices that are comfortable and ideal for warm-weather weddings. You can easily mix and match accessories for a complete look from our accessories collection.

To see our entire men’s tuxedo/suit collection, click here. Thank you for visiting  Elly’s Formal Wear. I hope this article was in someway helpful to you and if you have any questions, please feel free to email me or simply contact us :)


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