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How to prepare for your bridal appointment

Written On: June 26, 2015
How to prepare for your bridal appointment

It’s every girls dream to find “the dress” for her wedding day. But, before you walk into a bridal salon it’s important to be prepared and have a vision (or at least an idea) of what you like. Expect to have fun. This is a memorable event, you’ll want to arrive in a great mood with an open mind. Here are some things to bring to your bridal appointment and helpful tips on how to turn your appointment into a stress-free, fun event.

1) Think about your venue and theme. Choosing a wedding dress is easier done when you’ve already booked your venue. Knowing where and what time of day you’re getting married reflects on how formal or informal of a dress you will wear. What you would wear in a cathedral church would be significantly different than what you would wear on the beach. If you’re having a vintage themed wedding, a lace dress might be what you want.

2) Consider the season. This isn’t as relevant to Maui weddings as it is in the states, but choosing a dress that matches the season is a conscious decision. Wearing lighter fabrics such as chiffon or charmeuse is more appropriate during the Summer. Whereas, during Winter you’d wear lush fabrics like satin or taffeta with more embellishments and sparkle.

3) Understand different silhouettes. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the different wedding dress silhouettes. Researching online will help you better understand what fashion terms the consultant is using during your bridal appointment.

4) Gather dress ideas. Almost every bride has a “wedding book.” This is a great place to keep tear outs of your favorite dresses. Or, if you’re a tech savvy bride, bring your ipad with dress images that you like. I’ve had brides in the past show me their Pinterest wedding dress collage. This helps the consultant know what you’re attracted to and what you’re envisioning.

5) Know your budget. Know the most that you’re willing to spend on your wedding dress. Your bridal consultant will always ask this question. Don’t let this question make you uncomfortable, the consultant is just doing her job: finding your dream dress. If you’re not paying for your dress, know how much that sponsor is wiling to pay for it. I had a bride in the past who fell in love with a dress thinking her mom would pay any amount for it. She was in tears when she realized her mom couldn’t afford it. Be sure to discuss this with your fiancee or sponsor before your bridal appointment.

6) Alterations are extra. Every bride, every body is different. This is where alterations come in. You will fall deeper in love with your dress once it’s completed to fit you flawlessly. Be sure to factor the extra cost of alterations into your budget. Expect to have about 3 fittings from the time you purchase your dress to the time it’s ready to take home with you.

7) Dress appropriately. You will be assisted by the consultant in the fitting room to try on these dresses. Be sure to wear the appropriate undergarments in respect for the dresses and the consultant. Many bridal salons require it. If you’re planning on choosing a strapless dress, wearing a nude strapless bra would be ideal.

8) Shoes. It’s always best to bring a pair of heels in the height you’d want to wear on your wedding day. This way, you can feel what it’s like to wear them with your wedding dress and get an idea of where the hem will hit.

9) Hair and makeup. I’d have to say, most brides don’t think of this one before arriving to their appointment. Have a hair clip or hair band handy so that you can put up your hair as if you’d have it styled on your wedding day. Also, makeup is a good idea (although not heavily done). Coming to your appointment after the beach or a rough day of errands wouldn’t give you the overall “wedding day look.”

10) Be open minded. Many times I’ve had brides come in with a set mind on wearing a specific silhouette. Dress silhouettes were designed for certain bodies for a reason. A great, experienced bridal consultant will put you in a dress that accentuates your best features and is the most flattering for you. Trust your consultant. What looks gorgeous on you may not have looked so great on the hanger. Also, it’s okay to fall in love with the first dress. After trying on a few styles, it gives you the chance to compare them. You’ll know when it’s “the dress.”

11) Your crew. Sometimes too many opinions can be discouraging and can spoil the fun. Be sure to invite the right people to accompany you to your appointment. You only want opinions of whom you trust and will support you. What your friends would wear may not necessarily be your style. Don’t bring an army-your bestie, sister, and mom are really all you need.

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