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Great Holiday Gift! FUMI & Je’Marie Pursehooks at Elly’s Formal Wear

Written On: November 12, 2010

Hey, we’ve all done it! Purse on the knee, white purse on the cement, expensive purse on the filthy restaurant floor! Eiw! Germs, dried up mashed potato, red wine, Yuck! Even if I don’t have one of those $900 or $1500 Louis Vuitton or Gucci purses, I do have a purse I want to protect and keep clean. Thank goodness for Je’Marie purse hooks!! The easiest, most convenient little gadgets you’ll ever have! So easy to use and it’s small, compact and even comes with a cute little velvet pouch to keep in my purse. I love mine! It just decoratively hangs on the side of the bar or table and stays clean, germ free! The new style called the “FUMI” is a fashionable bracelet that hooks onto the strap of your purse, works as a purse hook and can be worn as a bracelet. Innovative! Love it? Well, this holiday, you should get yourself (and everyone you love) a Je’Marie Purse hook from Elly’s Formal Wear in Kihei. We have tons of designs for every personality! Great holiday or Christmas present for mom, sister, grandma, auntie, friends, co-workers. Trust me on this one, they’ll thank you for it and use it over and over again!

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